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2-Hour Consultation and Training Session

You will work one on one with Head Behaviorist & Trainer Colleen Steckloff. Colleen’s approach to training is based on a Dog Psychology perspective where She will focus on your dog’s state of mind tapping into the dog’s instinctual side and not just obedience behaviors. Colleen will first evaluate your dog’s behavior and the family’s relationship with the dog.  Through hands-on training with you, your family and the dog, Colleen will show you what is possible and set you up with how to follow through with the new rules, boundaries and limitations, creating a calm, happy, obedient and balanced dog. You will see results within your first session.


Board & Train

2 Weeks

This program to focus on socialization with people and other dogs, walking nicely on a leash, overexcitement and hyperactivity. This program also addresses common misbehaviors such as off-leash recall, chewing, excessive barking, jumping, crate training, house breaking and counter surfing. We teach basic obedience as a form of communication to build the trust and confidence between you and your dog.  Colleen and her team of certified trainers will work one on one with you “The Human” during the entire process to make the homecoming reunion a success. Great for dogs of any size and ages 7 months and up. 


Puppy Board & Train

2 Weeks

Includes one on one training sessions with Colleen and your puppy. The purpose of this board and train is to set a strong foundation during the puppy’s Follow, Play and Explore stages. We will work on crate training, house breaking, socialization and walking nicely on a leash, riding in the car, swimming (getting in and out of the pool) as well puppy misbehaviors such as Crying, Barking, biting, jumping, chewing and overexcitement, We also do foundation work of basic obedience and work with you “The Human” during and after the board & Train.


Rehabilitation Board & Train

4 Weeks

This board and train includes everything in our standard board and train but mainly focuses on issues like severe separation or social anxiety, human aggression, dog aggression and food aggression. Colleen and her team of certified trainers will also work one on one with you “The Human” during the entire process to make the homecoming reunion a success. Great for dogs of any size and age who have failed doggie day care evaluations or have been kicked out for signs of aggression or have attacked dogs or people.  Please inquire about an evaluation to see if your dog falls into this category. 


Day Training

Colleen and her assistant trainers will spend the day training and working with your dog here at the LAK9s facility, This works well for dogs of any age that just need the basics trained to them or a refresher course. Think of this as Doggie Day Care with Training involved. (This does not include in Human Training)


I cannot say enough about Colleen and her team. Colleen has rehabilitated some of our toughest cases, dogs that were otherwise unadoptable. She then taught the families how to maintain having a well behaved and happy dog. She has a natural talent for understanding and fixing the behavioral problems we find in some of our rescue dogs. She has been helping us for years and has a true passion for wanting rescue groups to succeed in placing these dogs in the right homes. Truly the best!
— Nikki Ferraro-Mendelsohn, Co-President of Much Love Animal Rescue

At ROVER every single dog must go through an evaluation to make sure they are great with dogs and people. Not all dogs pass their evaluation. It is so great to know we have Colleen and LAK9s to help with some of those problem dogs. Most that go through Colleen’s training come back to ROVER and wind up passing their evaluation. A huge thank you to Colleen. We love you, keep up the amazing work!
— Jeffrey Mendelsohn, Owner ROVER Kennels, Culver City & Santa Monica, CA