“Teach the human to lead and the dog will follow”
— Colleen Steckloff

Meet Colleen

Colleen is a great dog trainer, Colleen is also a great teacher. Her techniques and her energy are perfect.
— Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer

Colleen began LAk9s over 18 years ago, as a 1 woman dog walking operation in Los Angeles, California. As her credentials and experience grew, her business expanded to include boarding, obedience training, and finally behavioral modification using dog psychology, where she has become a powerhouse in her field, working currently as Cesar Millan’s, The Dog Whisperer, head trainer.

These days, Colleen is not only training dogs but also mentoring students coming in from all over the world to learn her philosophies and techniques in dog psychology. 

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LAK9s offers many different programs to fit you and your dog’s needs. Did you just get a new puppy and pulling your hair out? Did you adopt a new rescue dog and need help establishing rules, boundaries and limitations? Do you have a great dog but just slacked on his training and it is really starting to show? Are you ready to have that fairytale relationship with your dog? We offer in home training, day training, puppy training, and board and train options. Colleen has been training dogs for over 16 years and cannot wait to help you achieve your goals.



Whether you are leaving for just one night on business or taking that extended vacation you deserve, LAK9s is here for you and your dog. We offer a fun and safe atmosphere for your dog to socialize and be a dog. Our goal is that your dog will come home a better dog!


You work hard. Let your dog spend the day playing and exercising with us! By the end of the day you will both be ready to kickback and chill.

Colleen and Dave are lifesavers! With our hectic travel schedules, we can count on them to take great care of our pups!
— Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer, Venice, CA

We have been very lucky to have LAK9s and Colleen caring for our dogs for over 15 years. Colleen & Dave are some of the most reliable & hard working people we know. They have not only trained a couple of our dogs, but they have walked, boarded & loved our dogs as we do. They have a special connection with dogs, and understands them like no one else does. LAK9s & their staff is amazing, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them in it.
— Tom and Andrea Ennis, Marina Del Ray, CA