Online Training


This course lasts 1 month and includes one Skype session per week with Colleen & Yourself for four weeks.  Each session lasts 1 hour with a total of over 4 hours of Skyping. In addition, you will make one video per week of you and your dog on issues you want to have Colleen help you with. Colleen will then review and go over these videos with you giving training feedback and suggestions on how to improve. She will also work live with you and your dog in the setting of your own home. This course is great for anyone from a Trainer looking to improve their skills to the every day dog owner who may live in a different area.


I am always looking to improve, so at the beginning of this year I began my online lessons with Colleen of LAK9s. I can’t stress enough what a joy it is has been to discuss our cases with her and to learn from her vast experience and knowledge. I can hardly begin to describe how it has helped me grow both as a dog trainer as well as a person. She doesn’t shy away from any questions. Not only did she share her successes, but also her failures so we could learn from those as well. It has been a absolute pleasure to work with her, and I am always looking forward to our next session!
— Annelies Dechamps, Owner of Roedelwerk, Belgium